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A pioneer in providing healthcare CRM platform & mobile phlebotomy app to manage the patients care service to enhance Patient-Centric approach, phlebotomy sample collection,  laboratory inventory management, etc.
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Intelligent Mobile Phlebotomy and Sample Collection Software Solution for Clinical Pathology Labs

Demand for home sample collection is growing in all top cities and managing efficiency and productivity of phlebotomists has direct impact on profitability. Voilà offers mobile phlebotomy sample collection software integrated with healthcare CRM to equip phlebotomists with comprehensive mobile applications for increased efficiency and productivity.

Voilà Connects Home Phlebotomists to the Central and Satellite Laboratory via phlebotomy app

Voilà allows phlebotomists of clinical pathology labs to focus on their core expertise rather than time consuming paper works. Our mobile phlebotomy and sample collection software application reduces data entry errors with advanced barcode, QR code image scanning systems and billing integration. The patient’s data is automatically synchronized to the central laboratory with easy integration to the LIMS software in a secure manner. The collected data of each patient with medical history is stored as single record enabling seamless patient identity management.

100% Traceability in Home Sample Collection and Transportation

Our advanced sample logistics tracking system provides 100% visibility from the point of pickup to lab delivery. Mobile phlebotomy team members, can be individually traced and monitored on daily basis using GPS SIM tracking to optimize productivity and on time performance. Our VRM module gets labs the flexibility to group call centre operations to support Multi city – Multi state phlebotomy teams with amazing cost savings.

Benefits of Our Mobile Phlebotomy Service are Charted below

Barcode sample labelling system

Enables zero data entry errors with correct patient identification

Sample temperature control

100% tracebility of sample temperature during transport

Sample TAT tracking

100% tracking of sample pickup and delivery

Online payment collection system

100% accounting of payment invoices/receipts

Sample quantity management system

Enables proper measure of sample units collected for lab test

Built-in Healthcare CRM Software to Enhance Patient Centered Approach

Voilà healthcare CRM is a comprehensive software solution designed and developed for healthcare industry clients to drive successful customer centric relationships. It enables multi-communication channel integrations such as social media, live chat, website and call centre to engage, acquire and retain patients. With enhanced software solutions, the field phlebotomist can be immediately assigned for home sample collection through Voilà mobile phlebotomy app.

Benefits of Our Healthcare CRM

Impacts of Our Home Phlebotomy Service!

+20% increase in mobile phlebotomy revenue

-15% reduction in lab administrative costs

+100% quality in patients data management and compliance

Exceptional Features of Our Mobile Phlebotomy App

Barcode and QR code scanning system

Assures zero data entry errors for sample collection

Built-in CRM

Seamless lab booking, scheduling and reporting management system

Lab sample tracking system

End to end mobile phlebotomy logistics tracking from pickup to delivery

iPick - SaaS Phlebotomy Solution
Built-in Document Management System (DMS)

Scanning of batch sheet, TRF digitally available on the desk any time

LIMS integration system

Automatic synchronization of phlebotomist sample collection data to central lab

Enhanced scheduling alerts

Swift message alerts for new appointment booking

Digital payment /Cash collection

Collection made easy through app, recon made easy

GPS /SIM tracking

Tracks the positioning of runners and shuttlers who manage field sample collection, and records data on distance covered

How Voila help Metropolis to overcome their defects on Healthcare CRM &
Phlebotomy Sample Collection process.


With over 30 million tests a year, catering to more than 20,000 medical laboratories, Metropolis had major business disruptions to streamline their sample collection and logistics operations.

Our granular business analysis and comprehensive technology solutions helped Metropolis to increase their focus on business growth and customer experience by ultimately becoming India’s most promising healthcare brand.

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