Advanced Laboratory Sample Tracking Solution

Voilà offers an end-to-end laboratory sample tracking software solution with 360° sample pickup and drop traceability, delivery delay alert, barcode integration for zero sample misplacement, advanced data security feature, increase lab productivity with LIMS integrated real-time dashboard.

#1 Laboratory Sample Management and Tracking Software

Specimen collection and handling has always been a prime focus area for successful pathology lab chains. A professional field logistics operation to ensure on-time delivery of samples is a definite need to meet TAT and test accuracy standards.

Now a days large pathology chains are investing in sophisticated diagnostic infrastructure in central, regional and satellite labs and expanding sales and logistics reach across city/state with robust sample/specimen procurement, management and tracking platform.

Presenting Voilà Sample Logistics Management Platform

Voilà laboratory sample management and tracking software complements Laboratory Management Software (LIMS) by facilitating Intercity &intracity sample collection. Voilà is a customizable platform. It can be configured to your strategy and has specific modules for managing B2B, B2C and home collection operations of pathology Lab chains.

Voilà makes laboratory logistics management robust with right set of automation. Voilà Suite has an array of web and mobile applications for fast growing lab chains to manage B2C, B2B, Home sample collection operations with 100% peace of mind and real time traceability.

Voilà also offers command centre service to manage lab business intelligence and analytics. Real-time information is made available for central lab logistics and Business leaders through custom dashboards which present real-time impact of their strategies and efforts.

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Bar code scanning & image upload

Real time scanning & upload of sample data facilitates advance registration of samples to improve lab capacity planning & utilization.

Automatic notification/alert messages

Instant alert for sample pick-up & delivery

Lab business intelligence & data analytics

Enhanced visibility in financial, operational, logistics performance

iPick - SaaS Phlebotomy Solution
Comprehensive dashboard

Monitor your business with key reports, metrics & forecast

Digital payment /cash collection

Collection made easy through app, reconciliation made easy OTP controlled processes

GPS tracking/SIM tracking

Tracks the positioning of runners and shuttlers who manage field sample collection, and records data on distance covered

Built-in healthcare CRM

Agile lab booking, reporting and scheduling system to centralize workflow

Built-in Document Management System (DMS)

Scanning of batch sheet, TRF digitally available on the desk
any time

Sample and logistics tracking

Real time data of specimen/sample procurement and transportation

Client/Employee performance

Helps track performance of an client/employee, guide them to improve

Pathology laboratory logistics
management with voilà!

End to End Clinical Lab Data Integration and Management Solutions

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Automate requests
with Voilà!

Tech driven cash and
cheque collection!

Increased revenue through
smart monitoring!

Voilà process independent
of people!

All this at a fraction of cost/sample

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With over 30 million tests a year, catering to more than 20,000 medical laboratories, Metropolis had major business disruptions to streamline their sample collection and logistics operations.

Our granular business analysis and comprehensive technology solutions helped Metropolis to increase their focus on business growth and customer experience by ultimately becoming India’s most promising healthcare brand.

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