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Cloud based Laboratory CRM and Phlebotomy Solution brings innovation into
Pathology & Diagnostics Laboratories worldwide using cutting-edge AI technology
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iPick is a fully configured SaaS-based Lab Management and Home Sample Collection platform developed for Medical Labs, Pathology, and Diagnostic healthcare services to standardized processes, optimize workflows and enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our platform is deployed with AI, ML, Business Intelligence, and Cloud technologies to automate the end-to-end home collection and phlebotomy operations of a medical lab to deliver sample testing in the comfort of customers’ homes or anywhere.

iPick comprises Customer Registration (CRM), Home Collection Management, Mobile Phlebotomy App, and Business Intelligence modules to automate and drive your lab management efficiency and improve customer healthcare.

iPick CRM & Mobile Phlebotomy System’s different plans, modularity and customizability, helps you to prepare a software structure that suits your laboratory the

Our Mobile Phlebotomy & Lab Sample Tracking SaaS Features

Lab Management, at the most effective way with iPick Solutions

CRM & Patient Management

With iPick CRM, you are able to go beyond sample accessioning and management as the core function of your lab management software

Workflow Management and Process Monitoring

Add automation and optimization to your laboratory workflows and monitor every single sample allocation with diverse process monitoring features of Lab sample management system

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our Business Intelligence Dashboard provides you with a complete set of advanced data reporting and analyzing tools to help you make smarter decisions for your business

Mobile Phlebotomy Tracking System

With mobile phlebotomy & Smart barcodes system provides end-to-end phlebo tracking with real-time data relay to making sure every patient gets their treatment and accurate report on time and all the time.

Cloud-based CRM, Phlebotomy & Sample Tracking System is
what makes your Laboratory Perfect!

Cloud-based platform, with customizability and scalability, to deliver Personalized Patient Experience, Improved TAT & Optimize Costs Besides, it has a robust and secure infrastructure, configured to meet your exact needs.

Fast Implementation

Rapid deployment of Lab and Home Collection Management through cloud technologies

Data Integrity/Security

Data Integrity/Security

Fully compliant with data compliance and security systems

Data Integrity/Security

Human Error Prevention

Eliminate manual interventions due to processes running autonomously

Omni Channel Experience

Omni Channel Experience

Multi-device Lab Management App to make your business running anywhere, anytime

Improved Patient Experience

Improved Patient Experience

Comprehensive patient booking system ensuring friction-less sample test registrations

Streamlined Business Operations

Streamlined Business Operations

Increase sample collection TAT, reduce data leakages /errors & improve quality compliance

A leading laboratory needs a leading software!

Accuracy, efficiency and productivity are the building blocks of a highqualified lab. iPick CRM, Sample Tracking & Phlebotomy solution helps your laboratory to automate workflows, tracking all the information a lab generates each day.

Our pathology laboratory solution can effectively improve lab efficiency and
staff productivity through electronic order / patient booking, sample, test and result management to accelerate your business growth.

Based Solution

Multi Chain
Lab Integration

Real time
Business Intelligence

Process Visibility

Fast implementation - iPick Mobile Phlebotomy Platform

Fast Implementation

ISO Compliance - iPick Platform

ISO Compliance

Add-On Modules for iPick

Add-On Modules

Optimized workflow

Optimized Workflow

Customer Registration Module

Customer Registration Module

Assign Technician

Task & Sample Management – From request received to sample handover at main lab

Batch Shuttle Pickup
Payment Management – QR and Payment Gateway integration

Technician App

Easy customer onboarding for instant ad-hoc requests
Live geolocation tracking with Gmaps integration
Live dashboards to keep track of tasks on ground
Admin Web - iPick SaaS

Admin Web

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Lab Future Ready

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